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About Us
Donald Grunder founded American Cleaning Service in 1981, which was both a janitorial and window cleaning business. We acquired Southern Tier Sparkle Wash—an existing power-washing franchise that had been in operation for 11 years—in 1983.

While working full time to build and grow the business, Donald also became Town of Fenton supervisor—a position he proudly held for
25 years.
He raised six children with strong work ethics who nearly all worked in the family business as teenagers. Eric began as a janitor at 15 and became a window washer at 16. He has 29 years of window cleaning experience and 27 years as a power washer. He took over management of the business in 2007.

Donald always stressed the importance of integrity and looking a client right in the eye and guaranteeing quality service. Eric has proudly continued that commitment. The company employs at least four window cleaners and power washers year-round and up to seven in the summer months. Additional staff can be hired as needed. If it's dirty, we can clean it!
American Window Cleaning and SparkleWash adds value to my home by maintaining its exterior. They wash my house, windows and deck every year, which keeps my property in top shape and looking great-an important investment in any nest egg. They are always professional, show up at the appointed time and provide a great service at a very fair price.

Aby J. Mathew, PhD
Vestal NY
Every year we have our windows cleaned by American Window Cleaning. Eric and the staff always take great pride in their work and provide exceptional service. If anyone we know needs their windows, deck or home washed and cleaned, we tell them to call Eric. We highly recommend them.

Vernon and Linda Myers
Vestal NY
Owning two businesses in the Binghamton area, I know how important great customer service is. American Window Cleaning has been providing exceptional service at my home and at the business for 10 years. Whether I need windows cleaned or my house washed, all I have to do is call the office. A friendly voice answers the phone and Eric gets us on the schedule. My wife values the fact that no matter who comes to the door they are well groomed, uniformed employees who take extra care in and around the house. They offer a fair price and they are insured. Nowadays it's difficult finding good help. Eric and the crew take pride in their work and I recommend them all the time.

Matt Briel
Kirkwood NY
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